We sell Puckamuck

Puckamuck is a natural and sustainable full-strength horse manure for gardeners who really value a natural product and who care about the environment. 

Puckamuck is collected from stables in Surrey and Sussex, shredded, mixed and fully matured. 

A completely natural and organically sourced Horse Manure without bulking ingredients such as green waste or other profit making additives found in some soil enhancing composts. 

A High-standard, peat-free manure that is a natural growth accelerator for plants and vegetables. The shredded stable manure is fully aged so you can use it straight away to mulch, to top dress, or turn into the soil for award-winning vegetables, fruit and roses.

Puckamuck encourages water retention and best results will be obtained from using it all year round. 

Available now in 60 litre sacks at Bineham Park Farm, East Grinstead Road. 

£6.99 per bag or two bags for £12. 

Call Tom, farm manger on 07896 644 010.